Sunday, 23 December 2012

Forty Four Shop Lincoln

I'm very proud to announce that you can now get your hands on my Lincoln print from the wonderful Forty Four in Lincoln! There are a limited number of original prints and digital copies on sale as well as some greetings cards too, so head up there now to get your mits on them! They'd make a perfect last minute Christmas present!

You can see more of their wonderful gifts on their blog: and website:

In situ

Christmas Gift

This is an original screen print of a series I made back in the spring of London and all it's forgotten tube stations- all framed and ready to be given as a gift this Christmas. This is the first time I've got one of my pieces all framed up and it looks pretty cool.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Olympics revisited

I've been meaning to touch up my original Olympic games piece for aaaaagesss (being as it didn't come out too well) and have finally got round to finishing it off, so here we are! I'm hoping to get in the garage tomorrow and get another screen print done which I'll post up as well. Not particularly looking forward to the cold though- I need to find myself a heater!