Monday, 14 July 2014

A to Z of Cities

This is a current little something I'm working on; I plan to create a series of prints based around the first letter of a city. Each letter will feature little illustrated elements that represent the chosen place. So far I've finished London and Barcelona.

Over the summer I intend to collate them all into a small book. They'll also be available to purchase online... watch this space!

Central America

I've just finished working on a print in response to my recent trip to Central America. It's 4 colours and predominately typography based, featuring places visited and activities undertaken. It was great fun to create- especially as each place explored fed a stream of little stories in my head. I'm also really pleased with the colour scheme on this one- they compliment each other well.

Original sketch below

Den Haag take 2

Apologies on behalf of my poor neglected blog! I've gotten in the habit of updating more frequently on my Facebook page

However, this will be rectified! A string of updates to follow...

Here's my completed 2 colour screen printed map of The Hague, Netherlands.