Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A party for how many...?

These are a selection of characters I created over the summer, each influenced by the work of another illustrator or artist. For the majority of my characters, I tried to draw influence from my chosen practitioners by combining it with elements of my own work rather than completely replicating their style or aesthetic.
Influenced by Marcus Walters, this character was an experiment in cut paper collage. To achieve some of the colours, I prepared my own paper with acrylic paint.

For this character I looked at the work of illustrator Pat Hutchins. The outcome was an experiment with flat pattern and bold colour.

To create this Dada inspired character, I selected elements from old family photographs before combining them with something more mechanical (the microscope). This pays homage to the Dada fascination with man and machine.

Inspired by M. Sasek, one of my favourite illustrators. Again, this was an experiment in flat pattern within certain elements of the clothing.

 This piece was inspired by the work of designer Saul Bass. I started by making paper cut outs of the character's various body parts before assembling them digitally, as it's a medium I'm less comfortable with.

 This piece was influenced by artist John Stezaker who creates collages out of two or more photographic elements. Here, I juxtaposed an old postcard of Tower Bridge on the heads of two men; the placement of the towers suggests an extension of the existing figures.

Inspired by the work of illustrator Marion Deuchars. I wanted to create a piece that further explored the aesthetic and nature of reportage drawing; for the character to appear as though she had been observed rather than created. 

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