Monday, 5 December 2011

The Good Man

Here are some early character developments for my new brief based upon the short story 'The Good Man' by German born artist Kurt Schwitters. The story itself is about a good man who allows a mosquito to land on his hand and drink his blood. The mosquito flies away, full and content and returns to tell all the other mosquitoes all about the good man. Soon, the sky is black with swarms of mosquitos all heading towards him. They sting him and drink his blood but because there are so many non fly away satisfied. The story simply ends with the line "Meanwhile, the good man died".

I'm a bit unsure as to whether I want to create some sort of scene with my character or just a portrait (I'm gravitating towards the latter at the moment). I was thinking of creating a lino print background of a pattern of mosquitoes (perhaps having them red in colour to represent blood), creating my good man separately as a digital collage and adding him later. As usual I want to incorporate my use of flat pattern in the good man's face and in his clothes. I was also thinking about perhaps creating his hat so that it's made up of lots of tiny mosquitoes, rather than having them as a background. 

Here's my good man so far...

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