Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Some development work for both my negotiated project and Scwitters submission. I've decided to design the labelling for a glass bottle which will contain the blood of 'The Good Man' (the character in my Merz fairytale whose blood is drained by a swarm of mosquitoes). 

I started off by looking at old circus and freak show posters and was initially looking at having my own poster advertising The Good Man to the mosquitoes. This gradually developed into my current labelling design and idea. So far I've only worked on the front label, although I'm planning on creating a second for the back of the bottle which will feature details such as an ingredients list, number of units and maybe some drink aware information specifically aimed at the would be consumers of my product; in this case, the mosquitoes. I'm going to create a lino print of the character, hand draw the typography and the assemble all the different elements on photoshop.


  1. Are you going to put it in an actual bottle and fill it with fake blood?

    1. The labels are going onto a bottle and I was thinking about filling it but I want to submit it for the Schwitters thing and wasn't sure whether that'd be a bad idea incase it broke and spilled everywhere or something. I also wanted to use a bottle with a metal cap but if I was emptying it and refilling it it'd be hard to make sure the top was fixed back on again properly. I don't know...what do you think?

  2. I can see the problem...! Maybe present it like the blood has already been drank and the bottle is discarded? Or maybe find some way of setting the liquid, so it's solid inside, like with Wax? I don't know, but i look forwards to seeing the end result.