Sunday, 4 March 2012


Here is my (almost finished) entry for the D&AD. This years illustration brief required me to design the front cover for Little White Lies film magazine. The cover had to be based around one of the films listed within the brief and had to include a portrait of the main character and title of the film. I chose to illustrate The Tree of Life starring Brad Pitt. I created the entire piece out of two separate lino prints (one of the background and one of the portrait); I wanted to create something very stylised, focussing on my use of flat pattern. The film itself explores the themes of evolution and more prominently the creation of the universe and balance of life, therefore I based the background around a series of rings encircling the portrait. These relate not only to the rings within a tree but also perhaps the routes of orbiting planets within the solar system. There are still a couple of things I need to sort out (i'm a little unsure of the text- it doesn't seem very considered) any thoughts would be much appreciated!

This is the image minus the magazine logo...apparently complete designs can't be disclosed until the winners have been shortlisted. The logo is positioned just above Brad Pitts head.

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  1. Nice to see something a bit different :) great entry!