Tuesday, 24 April 2012

More bottles...

I'm creating another 3 bottle labels based around various Merz stories to accompany my Good Man bottle.   Each bottled product is different and relates to the story from which it is taken. The labels also feature a central lino portrait of the key character from each of the 3 tales (Lucky Hans, one of the sisters from 'Happiness' and the giant in 'He'), as well as each being a different colour and slightly different shape.

For 'He', I decided to design the labels for a growth serum. The character's face is only half visible in this portrait due to his incredible height. Here's the central portrait so far...

For 'Happiness' I created a beauty serum. Side effects include: unwanted attention, extreme jealousy and even death. Portrait and label design... (need assembling and colours tweaking so they match).

Finally, I've created bottled luck for Lucky Hans. Just fiddling with colours on this one at the moment (experiment below).

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